John Frink is an exceptional acupuncturist

“John Frink is an exceptional acupuncturist. It was my first time going in and I was a bit nervous. I have a bit of a needle phobia. John knew that and was very understanding. He constantly made sure I was comfortable and that I was doing okay. It was completely painless. At one point, I forgot the needles were there. He made me feel completely relaxed and put me at ease. I told him I was a new mother and the areas I needed relief in. When I left, I felt the best I had ever felt. I felt as if I had a complete good night sleep and I was only there for twenty minutes. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to try accupuncture or has already done it. John is very professional and understanding. He retains a level of modesty not easily found. Massage is great, but you are left feeling greasy from all the lotions and oils. John uses accupuncture to make you feel as good as a massage, but without all the hassle of getting one. I felt better after a session with John than I did at any massage. People should definitely check him out.”

Davis, CA