Overall great experience for me

I have been seeing John for several months now and I couldn’t say better things. He is very professional and knows what he is doing. I have been receiving acupuncture for a few years now (my other acupuncturists moved) and it has helped me with a number of things – asthma, back and knee pain, and constant headaches, just to name a few. I see John monthly and he is available sooner, if it is needed. I no longer get constant headaches like I used to and my asthma is so much better. I am also pregnant right now and get a lot of relief with acupuncture. It definitely helps with all the back and hip pain. Acupuncture is just an overall great experience for me and I believe it is great for maintaining your health. I know a lot of people are nervous about needles, but John is very good about not doing too much too soon. Once he knows you’re comfortable, he may add more needles if needed. Honestly, majority of the needles cannot be felt and if there are more sensitive spots, John will let you know.
~ Joy B.
Davis, CA